Think Smart, Be Fearless: A Biography of Bill Gates

AGES 5-9

Illustrated by Vivien Mildenberger

How do fearless ideas begin?

Think Smart, Be Fearless is the inspiring story of Bill Gates, a technology visionary who changed the way everyday people interact with computers and a philanthropist working to reduce poverty and improve global health worldwide.

Travel along with young Bill on his life’s journey full of curiosity, discovery, hard work and, most of all, fearlessness.Think Smart, Be Fearless invites young readers to awaken a sense of ambition and responsibility for others as they grow.

“The text is lively…and Mildenberger’s illustrations nicely capture the energy of the text…Young readers will get the titular message loud and clear. Eye-opening for young people who often take their technology for granted.”  ~Kirkus Reviews

Video Reading of “Think Smart, Be Fearless”

Watch a video of me reading Think Smart, Be Fearless! Along with a guide parents or teachers can use to help entertain, instruct and inspire children during the COVID 19 crisis. Click here to access the materials. #SCBWIConnects

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